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Pipe Dreams

What will become of the pipeline in North Dakota? The plans have already been made, and construction implemented. This temporary break by the core of Army engineers seems to be more rhetoric than actual truth. Far be it for a small portion of the pipeline to get in the way of its advancement. The real question then becomes this- why was the designation of the pipeline not approved by the tribes in the first place?

Common sense would insist that this designated area should have been approved PRIOR to construction. This fact shows total disregard as well as a lack of respect for the Native Americans of the Standing Rock Sioux nation. History shows once again that Native Americans and their livelihood comes second to U.S. corporate interests. Add insult to injury, Native Americans were forced onto these areas designated as reservations which they still do not have complete control of. History indeed repeats itself, with the minority forced to absorb the impact and repercussions of external influence. Why are Native Americans not profiting from the use of THEIR land? Why are they fighting to maintain control of what is rightfully theirs?
This debacle, needless to say is far from over, as the builders will ultimately force themselves on to the land which they have no control over. How is this allowed in this day and age? Are we powerless against these corporate entities? Why don’t they build the pipeline through Mt. Rushmore? (Which belongs to Native Americans as well, by the way.) Sacred land must always be preserved, and we’ve all seen the damage that can happen around drinking water (Michigan). This is unacceptable. We cannot stand idly by and allow corporations to do as they please. We owe the Native American community, and the preservation of our morals and values that much.

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